Custom Services

Custom Services

Shipping of purchased goods

A person or company buys the desired product from the country of production and wants to enter the country by sea, air or land. Step by step, we will explain to you what steps must be taken by the customer and work clearance to clear the goods through customs. 

  • Obtaining a license to import goods from the Commercial Office

In the first stage, we must obtain the relevant import license from the Commercial Office. The licensing process is one of the most important steps for import. Before taking any action, you must make sure that it is licensed by the Commercial Office. The steps for doing this are as follows: > • Then we will get a license from the Commercial Office.
At this stage, we will get a license by the business card of the importing company.
  • Check the license of the requested product

In the next stage of customs clearance, we first need to examine the ban on the import of the goods in question. For this review, we ask the customer to give us the Hs code (a standardization system for product classification and identification).
The customer may not be aware of this code or the seller may provide the tariff code. ندهد. We can find this code for your product. Then, according to the packing list and invoice that we receive from the customer, we will start the licensing process. Price review includes the following:
• Value of goods
• Entry fees based on tariffs
• Estimation of customs clearance costs
First we get the source. Another name is entry fee. The percentage of the total invoice value according to the amount determined by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, which is updated at the beginning of each year, is said to be collected as customs from the owner of the goods. The value of the goods is obtained in TSC system. Let's bring. This system is declared by the Department of Value and Customs and its job is to evaluate the goods in question according to the country of manufacture and the brand of the goods. At this stage, we determine what costs the customer packing with the specified invoice has? that's mean:
• How much is the customs cost including the import of the goods in question?
• What is the cost of the commercial receipt according to the value of the invoice?
• Shipping cost (according to the volume of the container) to the warehouse How much does the customer think?
• What permits does he need?
• What are the ancillary costs (shipping, warehousing according to the date of arrival of goods to customs, etc.)?
  • Obtaining the required licenses to import goods

Depending on the type of product, we are assigned a series of licenses that we need to receive all of them. For example, the import of food products requires the permission of the Health Department. Other licenses include:
• Standard
• Quarantine
• Determining the Nature
• Ministry of Defense
• Environment and…
  • The final stage of loading the goods

After the full approval of the customs expert for the import of the goods in question, we enter the stage of issuing the loading license. At this stage, with the customs license given to us by the customs system, we refer to the customs declaration in person. After receiving the loading permit, the goods are loaded and sent to the customs exit door.
Prerequisites for obtaining a customs license are the following:
• Expert approval
• Obtaining the required permits
• Payment of tax on account included by the system at this stage
The exit door expert checks the declaration process and issues the exit permit.