Exporting different types of Dates

Exporting different types of dates such as Mazafati, Zahedi, Kaluteh and Piarom to USA, Europe, Turkey, Russia and India by Guardian World Company

Mazafati Dates

Bam Mazafati date attributed to Bam city date is one of the dates of Iran. This type of date is not considered as a nut due to its high humidity. Storage conditions are at a temperature between -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. Bam Mazafati dates have black, shiny, thin and smooth skin. The moist skin of Bam Mazafati is easily detachable. Bam Mazafati dates have a lot of juice.
Dates are high in iron, natural sugar and suitable for the body. It is interesting to know that most of the annual sales of Mazafati dates in the country are done during the holy month of Ramadan. Because in this month, many people fast according to Islamic customs.And during the day, they experience a drop in energy as well as a drop in blood sugar. During iftar, they want to use a suitable food, which quickly restores the lost energy. It also returns lost sugar to the blood. The selected Mazafati dates are very suitable and useful for this purpose.

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Zahedi Dates

The range of cultivation of Zahedi dates in Iran is so large that it is cultivated from the southwestern regions of the country such as Kermanshah (Qasr Shirin), Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan province, south of Fars province. Zahedi dates are one of the dried dates in the world. Zahedi dates are elongated in shape and the end is quite narrow and sharp. The fruit is yellow in the Khark stage, light brown in the wet stage and reddish to yellow in the date stage. Zahedi date is a dry, yellow, fleshy and tasty fruit that has less moisture than other types of dates. This date has relatively less sweetness. Zahedi or Qasb date is one of the attractive dates for export to Arab and African countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Piarom Dates

Piaram dates are cultivated in Hajiabad city of Hormozgan province in the south of the country. The thin skin of this date is dark brown and due to the fact that its flesh and skin are completely attached to each other, it has a beautiful and desirable appearance. This date is high in sugar. But the type of sugar is fructose, which easily helps both the body's metabolism and is used in the body. This product is exported to the countries of the Persian Gulf, Europe, Central Asia, Australia and Canada. The price of Piaram dates is higher than other dates and also the best dates in the world and Iran, which has caused date exporters to export Piaram dates on a large scale.

Kaluteh (Kaliteh) Dates

Kaluteh date is one of the wet dates in Iran, this date is cultivated in Jiroft and villages and areas around Jiroft in Kerman province. Apart from Jiroft, it is also cultivated in Anbarabad region. Kaluteh or Kaliteh dates are considered as wet or semi-wet dates in Iran and have a relatively moderate juice. Dates have a soft fleshy whole. This fruit is initially red in color and is very similar in shape to Mazafati dates. The peak of sales of this date in the country is in the holy month of Ramadan, and due to high demand in this month, the selling price of this date reaches the highest possible level in the holy month, but in other seasons of the year it has a lower and cheaper price.