Import Goods

Guardian World company imports goods professionally by land and sea. Licensing is now a complex issue for importing. Our ability is to obtain a license and import goods into the country.
  • The first stage of importing goods: Analysis

At this stage, we will analyze the product that you decide to import. Product analysis includes the following:
• Source of input rights
• Permits required to register the order of goods and clearance: including health, standard, environment, quarantine and….
• Value of goods according to the identifiers in the value panel
• Brand type (to check the value of the product in the value system)
• Producing country
• Taxes according to the type of goods
• Need or not need to register the value identifier in the value system if required by the tariff
• Some tariffs in the system require an ID to register in the declaration.
• If there is no identifier in the value system according to the type of product, they need to be registered.
• Finally, the customer must notify us of the analysis confirmation.
• After the customer confirms, we start the process of importing the desired product.
  • Stage Two: Buy goods from the manufacturer's sources

For the import of the goods desired by the customer, the sources of production and supplier of the goods are collected and the price inquiry, delivery conditions and type of payment are collected. Then a preforma is presented to the customer. This preforma invoice includes the following:
• The cost of buying goods
• Shipping cost to destination
• License fee
• The cost of customs clearance
• Shipping cost from customs to customer warehouse and…
We provide costs from A to Z to the customer. After the customer confirms, the steps of purchasing the goods and then clearing them through customs will begin. A bill of lading is a very important document, especially when you want to claim insurance damages.