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Exporting pickled cucumber to USA, Europe and Turkey by Guardian World Company

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Pickled cucumbers are obtained by placing fresh cucumbers in a Specific formula of water, salt and vinegar . Pickles that are in a Specific formula of water, salt and vinegar can be stored for a long time. Like other pickled herbs, pickles are low in calories.
Pickled cucumbers have a sufficient amount of vitamin K. A pickle contains an average of 12 to 16 micrograms and approximately 15% to 20% of the vitamin K needed by the body in a day. Vitamin K is a group of similar structures, fat-soluble vitamins that the human body needs to modify certain proteins that are needed for blood clotting, as well as in bone and other tissues. Pickles also contain three kcal of energy, which comes from the carbohydrates in cucumbers.

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When the cucumbers are harvested from the field, they enter the pickle factory. After washing, they are sorted by sorting machine. This classification is based on the size of the cucumbers. Cucumbers after passing through this device, fall into four general categories.
In the first category, only very small cucumbers are placed.
In the second category are small cucumbers.
In the third and fourth categories, medium and larger cucumbers are placed, respectively.
Each of these cucumbers, after becoming pickles, takes on a special and industrial name.
Super special pickles are obtained from the first category (very small cucumbers).
Special pickles are obtained from the second category (small cucumbers).
Premium and first-class pickles are obtained from the third category (medium cucumbers) and the fourth (large cucumbers), respectively.

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Due to the fact that the frequency of very small cucumbers is less than medium and large cucumbers, so pickles obtained from very small cucumbers are more rare and have a higher price. The quality of these pickles is also higher than premium pickles. For this reason, these pickles are used more for export than for domestic consumption.